JAR of Hope Push-Up Challenge!

Every year at Anthony’s Run we pick a distinguished individual or family to be an honorary starter of the 5K race. This year, we had Jim Raffone, of the Jar of Hope organization, to start the 6th Annual Anthony’s Run. Jim’s son, James, has Duchenne MD and Jim started a 79 week push up challenge as a fundraiser and a way to spread awareness for the disease. This week’s entry to the push up challenge will stop at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ on Saturday, 7/18 @ 10AM, where Jar of Hope will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest group to gather and do pushups. We thank Jim and members of the Raffone family for being part of Anthony’s team last month. The Anthony DeMartino Foundation looks forward to now being a part of Team Jamesy and participating in the push up challenge this Saturday.

To learn more about Jar of Hope and how to participate in the push up challenge, please check out their website, JAR OF HOPE.

Please also like them on facebook and check out the great videos of each week’s push up challenge. JAR OF HOPE FB

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